Speciality Staff

At Red Zebra Strategies, our love for animals is not just a part of our name – it's ingrained in our culture. The heart of our team is made up of specialty staff members, each a rescue with a unique story to tell. While the presence of dogs in our workspace infuses an element of play and joy, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Research conducted at Washington State University and Virginia Commonwealth University illuminate the strategic benefits of having pets around. Interacting with dogs has been shown to reduce stress and enhance cognitive functions such as thinking, planning, and concentration.

Here's a bit about our favorite four-legged team members.

Black dog with a red bow tie
Black dog with a red bow tie

Tuxedo Ted, "Tux"

Feline and Squirrel Patrol Officer

Meet Tux - our esteemed senior staffer.

With infectious enthusiasm, Tux extends a warm welcome to each person he meets, his joyous tail wags symbol of the positive energy he brings to our workplace. As our Patrol Officer, he takes his protection duties seriously, fearlessly standing guard against nefarious felines and wily squirrels, ensuring the safety of our Red Zebra haven. Under his vigilant patrol, we are safe from every critter and Amazon delivery truck in the vicinity. Tux, not only a guardian of our physical space but also a virtual delight, makes surprise appearances on Zoom calls, adding a touch of charm to our interactions and ensuring every client receives the 'wag-nificent' service they deserve.

Small black and brown dog sleeping on a blue pillow
Small black and brown dog sleeping on a blue pillow


Naps and Relaxation Strategist

Say hello to Pippa - our office darling.

Pippa, our designated 'barkitect' of stress relief, is our Naps and Relaxation Specialist. She effortlessly captivates visitors with her irresistible charm. She's almost guaranteed to steal a lap, a nap, and your heart. Pippa possesses an uncanny ability to sniff out stress and graciously reminds us to take a much-needed "paws" during the day. With her furry presence, our workspace undergoes a magical transformation into a more balanced and happier place, thanks to the joy, comfort, and 'paws-perity' she brings to the team.

Small shaggy brown and black dog wearing a plaid bow tie
Small shaggy brown and black dog wearing a plaid bow tie

Harrison Danford, "Harry"

Head of Barketing

Allow us to introduce Harry - our newest addition.

Harry is our charismatic Head of Barketing, infusing our canine outreach department with a contagious spirit of exploration and excitement. With a tail that wags in tune with his enthusiasm for a good game of fetch, Harry brings a playful and collaborative atmosphere to our workspace. His adventurous energy is a catalyst that propels the team into creative journeys, leaving behind lasting pawprints of innovation. Always ready for the next challenge, Harry ensures that every project becomes a 'wag-nificent' tale of success, just waiting to be unleashed!

Stuffed zebra wearing a large red bow
Stuffed zebra wearing a large red bow

The Original Red Zebra

Our Namesake

When our founder, Gina, was searching for the perfect name for our company, her daughter played an unexpected role. Three years old at the time, Samantha repeatedly handed Gina her cherished stuffed zebra, donning a vibrant red bow, insisting, "Mommy, you need my RED zebra!"

And so, Red Zebra was born.

While "red zebra" typically refers to a tropical fish, we draw inspiration from the majestic mammal. The zebra's stripes hold a captivating duality. On one hand, they provide a natural camouflage, protecting zebras from predators who struggle to single out an individual from the herd. Yet, these very stripes also serve as unique identifiers, allowing each zebra to be recognized within its community.

The zebra symbolizes the harmonious integration of opposites – the power to maintain individuality while contributing to something greater than ourselves. It's a powerful metaphor that resonates with the essence of our work.

Join us at Red Zebra as we embrace the spirit of the zebra, celebrating both our distinctive qualities and our collective strength.

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