Solve the Right Problems

Solving problems is as natural as breathing for business owners. Yet, solving the right problems is a crucial skill that separates successful ventures from those that falter

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a neon sign that says houston we have a rocket on it
a neon sign that says houston we have a rocket on it
Dive Deeper

Picture a struggling small business grappling with plummeting sales. Initially, the remedy might seem straightforward – crank up the sales team or unleash a brilliant promotion. However, upon closer inspection, the management team uncovers a customer service onboarding snag hindering sales conversions. Once addressed, sales not only rebound but soar to new heights.

Sustainable growth requires a willingness to delve deep into the trenches of challenges, peeling back the layers to uncover their roots. Sometimes, it’s as simple as tweaking an onboarding procedure. Other times, it’s wrestling with the proverbial 800-pound gorilla, like addressing a flawed business model.

Take on the Gorilla

To emerge victorious, one must confront these hairy beasts head-on. It requires a cocktail of insight, introspection, and courage – looking beyond the surface, challenging assumptions, and embracing uncomfortable truths.

Though the journey may be daunting, the rewards – sustainable growth, resilience, and triumph – make it all worthwhile. Who knows? You might even discover that the most daunting challenges hold the most gratifying victories, like mastering the office printer without summoning the IT department. We can dream, right?

When running a business, challenges are as common as morning coffee - from inflation to unruly customers. Yet, amidst this whirlwind lies a crucial skill that separates successful ventures from those that falter: the ability to discern the right problems to solve.

Identifying problems in a business can be as easy as spotting neon signs on the Vegas strip. However, the real trick lies in distinguishing between minor glitches, like a burned-out bulb, and potential disasters that threaten your entire operation, like a catastrophic power failure.

Entrepreneurs and consultants (cue the dramatic gasp) frequently fall into the trap of chasing quick fixes – those tantalizing low-hanging fruits promising instant gratification. Yet, like a band-aid over an oozing wound, these solutions provide temporary relief while the underlying issues continue to fester beneath the surface.

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