Red Zebra's

Growth Accelerator Series


for Solo-, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners

Learn Corporations' Secrets to Growth

Ever get the inkling that corporations hold all the cards – money, staff, and insider knowledge? The truth is, they do! The time has come to level the field, my fellow solopreneurs and small business proprietors.

I'm here to unveil the secrets of the corporate world and equip you with the tools you need to supercharge your business growth. I used to be on the dark side and created strategies for some of the giants. Now, I've pledged allegiance to the rebel cause and am here to empower you with everything they don’t want you to know.

Join Red Zebra Strategies for its six-month growth accelerator program. In each monthly session, I'll reveal the guarded corporate secrets tailored for small businesses. Then, we'll dive into practical workshops to apply these insights directly to your business.

Our accelerator cohorts are intentionally small, capped at eight participants. This ensures personalized attention and fosters a tight-knit community. Entrepreneurship can be isolating, and we can't all jet off to Davos for advice from our billionaire buds. Your cohort can become more than peers – they can become your team of advisors with relationships extending beyond the program's end.

Through the accelerator program, you will:

Your Topics

person in white shoes standing on gray concrete road
person in white shoes standing on gray concrete road
Organization chart
Organization chart
a house made out of money on a white background
a house made out of money on a white background

What can you do to be the first brand in your customer’s mind? Use these tools to improve the effectiveness of your marketing messages.

Struggled with time management? Learn how to say goodbye to time-wasting habits and hello to productivity secrets tailored for you.




Did you know there’s a method for outsourcing and hiring? Find out the who, when, and why of hiring and outsourcing to drive your long-term success.

Do you know your key financial metrics? Learn what you should be tracking to make smart financial decisions.



Do certain client names fill your heart with joy, and others make you want to hide under your desk? Learn when to nurture client relationships and when to gracefully part ways to increase your profitability.


What does your customer really, really want? (Maybe a Spice Girls reunion? ) Learn how to increase your sales close rate with these sales secrets.

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(6) monthly 90-minute, interactive workshops

Eight participants per cohort to ensure personal attention

Cohorts are selected based on goals, business stage, and expertise to create advantageous outcomes for all involved

Day, time, and location will be selected with participants

$249 per month / 10% discount for six months paid in full

Application deadline: April 29th

  • Learn the corporate secrets and gain actionable insights

  • Get personalized guidance

  • Develop an exclusive network of like-minded professionals

  • Collaborate within your select group of peers

  • Receive materials to support your growth goals

  • Have email access to expert support between sessions






Your Cohort Details

Your Guide

Her experience includes leading global consulting projects for renowned companies like Colliers International, Marriott Hotels, and IBM, as well as successfully scaling and selling a technology company where she was a partner. Her commitment to the success of small businesses led her to establish Red Zebra Strategies over ten years ago.

Drawing from her multifaceted background, Gina possesses a distinct ability to provide personalized guidance to small businesses, empowering them to thrive. By teaming up with Gina and Red Zebra Strategies, you're not just gaining a consultant; you're tapping into a trusted advisor whose global proficiency is matched only by her unwavering commitment to your small business's success.

Your Program

Gina Danford, founder and president of Red Zebra Strategies, is a seasoned business strategist with a strong focus on small businesses. Armed with an International MBA and a proven track record of success, Gina has guided entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners to thriving outcomes through her strategic direction, plans, and initiatives.

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