Managers Behaving Badly

We See And Hear You…Even When You Think We Aren’t Listening.

Last week, I needed to overnight a client some documents.  So, I ventured to my local FedEx Kinkos.  Little did I know that I was walking into a live management demonstration for “How to alienate staff, drive away customers and tank profits.” Continue reading

Do Clients Know More About Your Business Than You?

What do You Know about Your Business?

A few weeks ago, I stood at an airline check-in counter attempting to check a bag.   Attempting is the keyword, as the gate agent was trying to charge me for the aforementioned bag.  As a high-level frequent flier, I knew that there was no charge for my bag.  The gate agent, however, did not.  Twenty frustrating minutes and two additional gate agents later – my bag was checked with no charge.

How many times do customers stand in frustration and waste their time knowing MORE about your company and its policies than the company’s employees? Continue reading