Focusing on Success

Red Zebra Focusing on SuccessHow to Beat the Goldfish

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser like focus.” – Bruce Lee

This week, there has been a lot to celebrate.  One of my clients and his work are the feature of a book, which has just been published.  This marked the realization of a lifelong dream for him and a significant point of industry recognition.  Continue reading

Who Moved My Couch?!?

Are Decisions or Habits Running Your Business?

Yesterday, I was early to a meeting and grabbed a seat in the lobby of my client’s swanky downtown San Francisco office building.  As I was checking email, I overheard a seemingly bizarre exchange.

The Security Guard greeted ‘Jane’ and asked how her day was going.  In a completely frazzled tone, Jane replied, “Horribly.  You moved my couch.” (Um, come again?!?)  Jane went onto explain that she sat in the same spot at lunch every day.  Since they moved ‘her’ couch, her life has been a mess. Continue reading