Failure and Success

How the Most Spectacular Failures can Lead to the Most Incredible Accomplishments.

Failure.  The word is loaded with connotations.  With many executives, it’s a highly unpopular word.  After all, how many highly driven Type A people do you know that enjoy failing?

Yet, there is so much to be gained from failure.  Failure is the key to innovation and success.  Rarely can innovation or success be achieved without failing first.  So, what bridges the gap from failure to success?   Continue reading

What History Teaches Today’s Leaders

 The Inauguration of President Barack ... Photo credit: WikipediaFour Leadership Qualities from History’s Great Figures.

Great moments in history occur when the seemingly impossible becomes reality.  In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood “in the symbolic shadow” of Lincoln and delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.  In 2013 and a mere 1.9 miles away, President Barack Obama was sworn in as the President of the United States on the steps of the Capitol using Bibles from President Lincoln and Dr. King.  Irrespective of your political inclinations, it was incredible to see history being made – marking the progress of a nation. Continue reading