Our Services

Business Coaching and Consulting

Red Zebra Coaching works with business leaders, entrepreneurs and teams to navigate change and allow them thrive amidst uncertainty.

  • Understanding your current situation
  • Working collaboratively to develop a change road map
  • Identifying resources needed and timeline for implementation
  • Executing the plan
  • Actively monitoring milestones, timelines and KPI’s
  • Ensuring accountability

When the plan is complete, so is your coaching project. As business owners, we detest coaching dependency. (It’s an all too common practice.) We want to see you continue to succeed long after we depart.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching clients range from sole proprietors, to high-level executives, to start-up entrepreneurs. Some clients hire us to act as a safe, non-biased sounding board for business ideas. Others work with us to grow and/or deepen their leadership skills. Others hire us to get them to a defined growth goal.

Our approach to executive coaching looks like:

  • One-on-one coaching meetings (phone or secure Zoom call)
  • Highly interactive sessions, completely tailored to the goals of the individual
  • During sessions, the coach presents concepts to the client.  The client then practices the skill between sessions and refines the skills with the coach in subsequent sessions
  • Coach ensures accountability

Again, our objective is to get you to your goal – not create dependence. We focus on skill transfer, application and accountability in our sessions. We’ve found this approach yields the greatest results for our clients.