What Our Clients Say

“Gina has an amazing capacity to draw ideas and insights from clients that they didn’t know they had. To me, this is the epitome of great consulting because her expertise is there to scaffold the client, not confine them. She makes it easy and safe to explore barriers and opportunities, and is able to coach to the highest strategy levels and the most practical personal application simultaneously. Some of the best coaching I’ve ever had.” – Katherine Steen, Director Colliers University

“Gina is an extraordinary professional. She is always enthusiastic and provides exceptional service tailored to the needs of a wide variety of businesses and individuals wanting to grow. My many experiences with Gina were incredibly rewarding and I came away a much better person as a result. This is someone you should know.” – Stephen Nostrand, Chief Executive Officer of Colliers International South Florida

“It is hard for me to know where to begin praising Gina Danford. My only hesitation is that if everyone were to understand how profoundly clarifying and impactful her assistance is that she will no longer have time to pick up the phone when I need her guidance. If there has been one critical game-changer in my development over the past several years it has been Gina’s expert guidance. Whatever challenges I have brought to Gina, whether about strategic business questions, leadership or personal development hurdles, organizational principles, branding and messaging, communicating, team building, or simply thinking something through in a principled and clear way, Gina has always had profoundly clarifying and helpful tools and wisdom to share with me. She presents her insights in a way that is clear, easy to understand and retain, practical and immediately actionable — and that is always enjoyable, edifying, and uplifting. She is a truly generous and wise person, and she expresses a rare and infectious kindness in all that she does. I am deeply grateful for her support.” – Josh Godine, President, Pristine Mind Foundation 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gina over the last seven months on creating a roadmap for my image and color consulting business. I find her approach to be professional, knowledgeable, and comprehensive. She has guided me through pricing strategies, market positioning, and an analysis of my competition. She recognized my business style and customized the work we did together for maximum results. Gina has a wealth of business experience and a passion for helping business owners get from here to there!” – Jenny Bailey, Founder, This Vivid Life

“I have been working with Gina for a year now, and I would say that of all the things she’s taught me her greatest gift has been “clarity” – clarity around my time and how I spend it, clarity around what’s important for my business and why, clarity around from where my profits are coming, clarity around where I should focus my efforts, and clarity around my customers (who to keep and who to let go). Her methods are clearly paying off ~ I’m thrilled with a 42% increase in business since we first met. Thanks to Gina, I’ve replaced that well-worn phrase “I’m so busy” with one that fits me better: “I’m so successful!” – Terrie Gillett, Owner, Notary San Rafael 

“I’ve just completed a two-day workshop with Gina. She is fantastic. She leads from an instinctual space that gives everyone a high confidence level in the concepts and ideas presented. I learned additional insights because of her approach, clarity and command of the material. I also think her significant experience in the formulation of the material created a very successful training event for all involved. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Gina again in the future!” – Bob Mulhern, Managing Director of Colliers International

“I have had the honor of working and learning from Gina for four years. My experience has been nothing less than magnificent. She has a patience I aspire to have, creates clarity for all and has an uncanny ability to see what’s coming before it happens which creates a fail safe environment for businesses. The business outcome is a proactive speed of execution the right way instead of a frantic reactive environment. Thank you for creating my clarity and success.” – Shauna Grillo, Business Coach 


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