The Instinct Myth

The Role of Instinct in Leadership. I was coaching an executive last month and we were discussing a business deal that had gone sideways.  She said, “I found an acquisition that looked fantastic.  It was exactly what we’d been wanting.  While the due diligence looked good, my gut kept telling me something was off.  I … Continue reading The Instinct Myth

The Office Jerk

Why Don't Difficult People Have Their Own Training?!? A few weeks ago, I was leading a program on "Managing Difficult Behaviors in the Workplace" for a team of executives. At one point, one of the executives asked – “Why don’t difficult people have their own workshop?”  The room had a good laugh and then we … Continue reading The Office Jerk

Who Moved My Couch?!?

Are Decisions or Habits Running Your Business? Yesterday, I was early to a meeting and grabbed a seat in the lobby of my client’s swanky downtown San Francisco office building.  As I was checking email, I overheard a seemingly bizarre exchange. The Security Guard greeted ‘Jane’ and asked how her day was going.  In a … Continue reading Who Moved My Couch?!?

Olympic Sized Inspiration

What Businesses can Learn from the Oldest Olympian. The Olympics.  Those two simple words encompass immeasurable amounts of hope, determination, promise, heartache and victory. I absolutely love the Olympics.  I adore watching countries unify to cheer on their teams.  I am mesmerized by the amazing displays of sportsmanship, athleticism and dedication by the athlete and … Continue reading Olympic Sized Inspiration

Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Team?

The Impact of Bad Behavior on a  Team. The old adage goes “one bad apple spoils the barrel.” In our line of work, we see the best and worst of business and human behavior.  Recently, I was working with a company that reminded me of the old bad apple adage and got me wondering – … Continue reading Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Team?