Focusing on Success

Red Zebra Focusing on SuccessHow to Beat the Goldfish

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser like focus.” – Bruce Lee

This week, there has been a lot to celebrate.  One of my clients and his work are the feature of a book, which has just been published.  This marked the realization of a lifelong dream for him and a significant point of industry recognition.  Continue reading

Failure and Success

How the Most Spectacular Failures can Lead to the Most Incredible Accomplishments.

Failure.  The word is loaded with connotations.  With many executives, it’s a highly unpopular word.  After all, how many highly driven Type A people do you know that enjoy failing?

Yet, there is so much to be gained from failure.  Failure is the key to innovation and success.  Rarely can innovation or success be achieved without failing first.  So, what bridges the gap from failure to success?   Continue reading

The Power of Perspective


Last week I met with a CEO, Mike, who asked for help with one of his senior managers.  The manager, Henry, was a new hire, had an impressive resume and by all accounts was performing well in his new role.  When I sat down with Mike, he complained that Henry had ‘Pollyanna Syndrome.’  Mike said, “Henry is just excited about the company and doesn’t see all the problems around here. He just doesn’t get it!”


Perspective and Experience

This conversation hit close to home for me.  As the holidays are upon us, I will admit I sometimes dread (gasp! Yes, I said it!) the hustle and bustle that accompanies the season – the overcrowded stores, the decorating, the holiday cards, the endless to-do lists, etc. Continue reading

Are You a Management Ostrich?

The Impact of Avoidance on a Company.

Denial.  And no, I’m not talking about the river in Egypt.

The word denial tends to bring to mind personal issues.  Yet, denial is alive and well in the workplace.  Chances are denial brought its good friend avoidance and they could be camping out in offices and cubicles in your company. Do you know what they cost your company? Continue reading

Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Team?

Bad apple bombThe Impact of Bad Behavior on a  Team.

The old adage goes “one bad apple spoils the barrel.”

In our line of work, we see the best and worst of business and human behavior.  Recently, I was working with a company that reminded me of the old bad apple adage and got me wondering – can one bad apple ruin a team or a business? Continue reading