The Secret Weapon of Business

Building a Strong Culture. Do you ever wonder how some businesses are amazing places to work with growing profits and incredible people while other business environments are rivaled by Dante’s ninth circle of hell?  How does this happen?  Is it happenstance or intentional? Having worked with heaps of businesses in both camps, here are my … Continue reading The Secret Weapon of Business

Creating Partnership Success

The Critical Element for Building Successful Partnerships. In my line of work, I see the best and worst of business.  I celebrate my clients’ successes, which is my absolute favorite thing.  (No surprise there.)  I am also beside my clients in some of their darkest moments – helping them pick up the pieces of ideas, … Continue reading Creating Partnership Success

Why Business and Children Should Come with Manuals

Why Fire, Ready, Aim is a NOT a Strategy. As the parent of a two-year old, I’ve come to realize that raising a child and running a business have quite a lot in common.  They are unpredictable, frequently keep me up at night and have caused me to question my sanity at times. The most … Continue reading Why Business and Children Should Come with Manuals