Focusing on Success

Red Zebra Focusing on SuccessHow to Beat the Goldfish

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser like focus.” – Bruce Lee

This week, there has been a lot to celebrate.  One of my clients and his work are the feature of a book, which has just been published.  This marked the realization of a lifelong dream for him and a significant point of industry recognition.  Continue reading

New Year, New Goals

Red Zebra Birthday 2014Planning Tips for 2014

Ah, the first week of January – the week the world returns to work.  As you settle into your office still slightly aglow from the holidays, you’ll most likely hear the question:  “What are your goals for 2014?”

If you’ve read my blog (which of course you have, right?!?), you’ll know I’m a fan of goals and planning.  However, this question during this week drives me nuts!  (Bet you weren’t expecting that!) Continue reading

Are You Driving Your Business Blindfolded?

Blindfolded Business - Red Zebra CoachingThe Difference between Strategies, Goals and Tactics in Your Business.

“Should I be doing social media?”  “Should I be investing in ads on Google?” “Should I hire a new staff member?”

It seems everywhere I go lately that I’ve been inundated with these types of business questions. As soon as people hear what I do, they start asking for advice.  Now, I absolutely adore a good business conversation and clearly I have no shortage of opinions.  However, my response has been largely unsatisfying to my inquisitors.

My response:  “It depends.”

Then, I ask them questions like “What are you trying to achieve? How does [insert said action here] get you to your end game?” “Who is your target audience?” “What is driving the need to hire?”

Their response:  Blank looks. Continue reading

Is ‘Plan’ a Four Letter Word in Your Business?

Easy Tips for Planning.

You are asked to chop down a tree.  You have six hours to complete the task.  What do you do first?

If you said, ‘I’d pick up the axe and start chopping.’ You aren’t alone.  Many people look at the task at hand and jump right in.  And, they’ll get the job done.  Chances are – they will also expend more energy and take longer than actually needed.

If you said, sharpen the axe.  You’re in good company.  Abraham Lincoln said:  “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

In light of President’s Day, it’s a great time to embrace the wisdom of Honest Abe’s quote. Continue reading

Conquering Your To Do List

Three Easy Steps to Getting Everything Off of Your List.

Do you have a to-do list?  If so, congratulations!  A recent study revealed that you save on average of 90 minutes a day – just through organizing yourself with a list.  That translates to a whopping 23 extra days a year.

Before you start a new list of all the things you can do with that spare time, we need to address something us “listers” don’t like to talk about.  (And yes, I am one of you.)  Brace yourself – it’s the dirty little secret we try to hide:  Some stuff never gets off of our lists.

Yes, I said it.  Your to-do list is never done.  (Oh the humanity!)

Chances are even with 23 extra days some of those things will stay put – kind of like the Kardashians.  No matter how badly you want them to go away – they are always there. Continue reading