Are You Driving Your Business Blindfolded?

The Difference between Strategies, Goals and Tactics in Your Business. “Should I be doing more social media?”  “Should I be investing in ads on Google or Facebook?” “Should I hire a new staff member?” It seems everywhere I go lately that I’ve been inundated with these types of business questions. As soon as people hear … Continue reading Are You Driving Your Business Blindfolded?

Is ‘Plan’ a Four Letter Word in Your Business?

Easy Tips for Planning. You are asked to chop down a tree.  You have six hours to complete the task.  What do you do first? If you said, ‘I’d pick up the axe and start chopping.’ You aren’t alone.  Many people look at the task at hand and jump right in.  And, they’ll get the … Continue reading Is ‘Plan’ a Four Letter Word in Your Business?

Conquering Your To Do List

Three Easy Steps to Getting Everything Off of Your List. Do you have a to-do list?  If so, congratulations!  A recent study revealed that you save on average of 90 minutes a day – just through organizing yourself with a list.  That translates to a whopping 23 extra days a year. Before you start a new … Continue reading Conquering Your To Do List

Tips for Effective Planning

Are you working IN or ON your business? Planning.  We all know we should do it.  Yet, when I ask business owners if they have a documented plan for the future – many look at me sheepishly or they take that as the cue to present the elaborate plans…in their head. Sidebar:  Let me address … Continue reading Tips for Effective Planning