What’s a Red Zebra?

We’re often asked – What is behind your name?

Red Zebra 2The name, Red Zebra, actually came from Gina’s daughter, Samantha. When Gina was trying to decide on a name for the company, Samantha (who was two at the time) kept bringing Gina her stuffed zebra with a big RED bow – saying, “Mommy, you need my RED zebra!”

And, the name for Red Zebra was born.

While red zebra is a type of tropical fish, we draw inspiration from the mammal. We love the duality represented by the zebra’s stripes. In one way, the stripes act as camouflage against predators, who cannot pick an individual out from the herd. Yet, each zebra’s stripe patterns are unique and actually identify individuals within the herd.

The zebra symbolizes the integration of opposites – the power to maintain our individuality while being part of something larger than the individual. It’s a great metaphor for what we do.