Endings and New Beginnings

Time to Start 2013Happy New Year!

Happy 2013! With the close of one year and the advent of the next, it’s the perfect time to take a few minutes reflect on the time gone by and set your intention for what’s to come.

Reflecting on 2012

Before getting swept away in the energy of the New Year, grab a pen and a piece of paper. Take a few quiet moments to think about last year. Jot down the answers to the following:

• What were the high points of 2012?
• What were the low points of last year?

With successes, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement – glazing over the choices and actions that got you there. With failures, it’s all too tempting to hide them in your “shame closet” in a vain attempt to forget about them.

Make another bullet and write down the following:

• What did you learn from each experience?

The opportunity is to focus on what you learned from your successes and your failures. That’s where growth happens!

Intentional 2013

Next, think about what you’d like to achieve in 2013. What do you want to have happen in your business or career next year? Then, what actions do you need to take to make that a reality? Grab a new piece of paper and write down:

Intentions                     Actions Required

1. I want X to happen     Do A, B, C…

2. I want X to happen    Do D, E, F…

Be specific! Your actions should be with observable and describable. For instance, if your intention is to get a promotion in 2013, your actions could look like: “Talk to Bob next week about what would be required for the new role. Take on a three higher profile projects like XYZ in Q1 and Q2. Take ABC leadership course in February to build managerial skills. Etc…”

Specific actions will create intentional choices making it easier to monitor your progress and ultimately achieve your goals. And, remember to leverage what you learned in 2012!

Wishing You a Great 2013

From all of us, we hope you had a terrific holiday season and wish you all the best in the coming year!


What do you want to achieve in 2013?

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