Coping with Tragedy

PossibilityAs a Nation Mourns the Senseless Loss of Life.

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary last week, the nation has been mourning the heart wrenching loss of 20 beautiful children and six remarkable adults. As a parent, the news hit really close to home for me. I had dropped my two-year old daughter off at pre-school probably much like the parents had dropped their children off at school that same morning. The difference was I had the incredible blessing of picking her up, thanking God for her and holding her a little closer and tighter.

My heart is broken for the parents and families whose lives have been irrevocably altered by a senseless and cruel act of violence. We grieve for those who were taken far too soon and for the innocence taken away from others. While words simply seem inadequate, we express our deepest sympathies to those families. Our hearts and prayer are with you.

What We Can Do

For many of us, we’ve been watching the news and feeling powerless to help. Yet, there is something we can each do. We can come together and show kindness towards others. Offer a smile. Hold a door. Say thank you to store clerks, your local barista, your staff. Pay the toll for the person behind you. Surprise an unsung hero in your office with a present. You get the idea…

While we can’t change the events of last week, we can change how we act with one another. As you mourn the loss of innocents and innocence with the nation, make a difference to those around you. You never know when one simple act might change the course of someone’s day or even life.

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