Hello World!

Hello, my name is Gina.  I am a social media newbie.

OK, I’ll admit it – the words “Social Media” used to strike fear in my heart.  As a Gen X’er, I’m late to the dance.  Unlike those born after me, I did not emerge from the womb with a smart phone in one hand and an iPad in the other.

Hey! I’m Talking to YOU!

I found the whole social media “thing” to be overwhelming.  My days are filled with a constant assault of sound bites.  Everyone is shouting for attention – whether it’s the latest and greatest business tidbit like “How to Succeed and in Three Easy Steps” (Just three steps?!? Um, really?) or a misguided (and yet entertaining) stream of tweets from celebrities behaving badly.

It’s dizzying looking at my inbox and online.  What’s new – what’s fresh – what’s interesting?  Keeping up with the speed of information is nearly a fulltime job in itself.

When it came to our social media approach – I kept asking myself why on earth would I want to add more clanging into the endless information cacophony?

YOU Talkin’ to Me?!?

So, we decided to flip the paradigm on its proverbial head.  Rather of throwing another a one-sided infomercial about fantastically smart and talented we are into the internet shouting match, we decided to use social media to create a conversation.

Yep – a Conversation.  You remember those, right?!?  It’s where we listen, talk and share ideas.  What a novel concept!

Our goal is to bring up a real business issue and then create a meaningful conversation with YOU.  We want to talk with YOU.  We want to hear your experiences.

Whatcha Talkin’ Bout?

What do we want to talk about?  As business owners and executives, we often wondered – is it just me or does this stuff happen in other companies?!?  And more importantly, what have other people done that’s worked?

These days, we work across a wide variety industries and different sized companies.  We see the best and worst of business ideas, practices and trends.   We see the challenges businesses are facing and how they overcome them.

So, we will bring what we see out there in the ever-changing business world and share it with you.  Then, we want to hear what you think!  Is this something you’re seeing in your business?  What do you do?  We can all learn from the conversation.

That’s our social media MO.  And, we can’t wait to start the conversation with YOU!

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